Goodbye to Summer

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Goodbye to Summer




Liner Notes: 

I usually collab by demoing a lyrics-only. This year I've experimented with different ways of collabing. I did backing for a accapella vocals ( Deep In Me with @kahlo2013 ) earlier and now I did lyrics for a melody and piano accompaniment of Nadja, the @musicsongwriter. I'm pleased how these turned out.

I really liked Nadja's music and the lyrics came pretty easy. Tried to make as good a match to the melody lines as I could, to use the same rhythms and also support and enhance the original feeling of the music. This will propably be the last "offical" song of mine this year ( except Klaus-o-vision Part Two ). Thanks Nadja for this lovely music and nice collaboration! Smile


Goodbye to Summer

Say goodbye to the summer
say so long, sad eyed strummer
we had fun in the sunshine
it was warm
now it's gone

When the daylight is fading
it is time to stop playing
we had golden days
in a happy haze
we had random ways
of love

Where will we go?
where will we go?

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You can do it either way and with finesse! So pretty it is so inspiring! Wonderful collab you two!

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Wow! Love the chord movement and Klaus, your singing is warm and blends effortlessly with the piano. The words are well chosen.

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Nadia's music is always very heartfelt and touching, and this is no different. Klaus, I like the lyrics a lot, particularly the way it ends on "where will we go." My only complaint is that it's too short!