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Internet News



Liner Notes: 

Just a quickly thrown together song about the internet.


1. Back in time, news was spread by traveling minstrels who'd write a tune to shed light upon the locals. Then came the newspapers, telegraph, telephone--news spreading like wildfires. We learned we're not alone. Radio and television brought news to our doors delivered by male diction and focusing on wars.


Now it's all internet news
You can pick and you can choose
What to read, what to ignore
An open mind or a closed door.

2. Information highway going at great speed
All you post about today gets stored in the feed
There's gossip, there's facts and there's stuff in between.
TV and newspapers pulled into the digital machine
A post on Facebook gets national attention
Yet a well researched article gets hardly a mention.

3. In between all those ones and zeroes and potential heartbreakers are stories of real heroes; the movers and shakers. You can focus on greedy hogs and hard as nails stuff or you can look at cute dogs and listen to the fluff. You can try to be a hermit and hide under your bed or try to make a difference and BE the news instead.

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Oh how true this is! Hasn't the world changed? Sometimes for the good, sometimes not. You captured all this brilliantly!

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Wow! I love your lyrics in this one. It comes across as something that really flowed from the heart. A truly universal theme that we can all relate to. Nice one Smile