4 track collab tape #4

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4 track collab tape #4




Liner Notes: 

the 4 track revolution continues! I played drums on this one, I'm not usually a drummer so it took me a bit. Fun stuff.

edit: I think I had my tape speed set to twice what everyone else did, so everything is twice as fast. No wonder the drummer was tough, haha.

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I think this has been speeded up somewhat?

Sounds flipping great though!!!! Smile

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This is nuts! Good work on the drumming, must have been seriously tricky at this speed! Makes @marvsmooth's bass playing sound like the work of an absolute madman, haha.
Love the section at 1:00 where it goes all spaced out and twinkly.
Would love to hear the half-speed version as well though, if possible?

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Hahaha, this is awesome! Do leave both versions up when you post the slower one. Smile

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This is mind blowing... So odd but so cool too. Sounds wrong, but also sounds strangely right. At times I think it definitely sounds like it was sped up but at others it actually flows nicely. Great groove throughout the whole thing and it actually does work... I enjoyed listening. Looking forward to hearing the "correct" speed... although with 4-tracks, there IS no "correct" speed, lol. Great job everyone! Smile

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Brilliant. Gloriously analogue and somehow the drumming makes it completely convincing at double speed. Like... like... I dunno... it's avant guard... it's original... and quite virtuosic. I love when the drum track is like okay now, HERE is the backbeat--- about 1:56--- and it just jams all the way out with the bass in the stratosphere, and those other sounds--- what are you guys even playing? This is so fun... too cool for words. Inimitable.