Sycamore Eyes

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Sycamore Eyes




Liner Notes: 

@nancyrost: Drum Machine + Tambourine
@Cynthia Wolff: Ukulele
@ZeCoop: Bass
@Vom Vorton: Vocals + (occasional) Electric Guitar + (possibly overheard) cat grooming in the background with a little bell on his collar

VV: This was fun! After starting a tape and being track 2 on another, I'm glad I also got to finish one off. The lyrics came to me quite quickly, I'm not sure they make a HUGE amount of sense but I think they flow quite nicely. Good work everyone!


it's no surprise that your sycamore eyes keep spinning
and it's no shock that you block my every call
it's no surprise that your sycamore eyes keep spinning
because they keep dancing every time you fall

well I guess you have the right to ignore me
if I'm the sap who ignores your right to grieve
and though it hurts to hear you say "you bore me"
I guess I should make like a tree and leave


is it true that you're so hard to please?
I can't see the wood from the trees

my stubbornness seems to be the root of the problem
I won't back down though I know you're in the right
I'm too thick-skinned to alter my direction
and sadly, my bark lacks any bite

(chorus x 2)

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Really nice job on this!!!! I thought the cat added ambiance... :).

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I love all the instrumental contributions on this. And the idea of sycamore eyes is a really great hook. Also, really enjoying the tree puns in this one.

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This is lovely. Really cool collaboration. I assume it's built up in the order people are credited. Works well.

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Wow, nicely done! I love the obscureness of the lyrics, personally. Not quite being sure what a song means is usually a good thing in my opinion. Very lovely melody and it really tied the song together. Great job everyone! Smile