Bones Dancing

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Bones Dancing

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I wrote this after seeing some art by Jose Guadalupe Posada of dancing Day of the Dead type skeletons. It's really beautiful. This is my fun nihilist song, even though I'm not a nihilist.

I'm a little behind in returning comments, but I WILL catch up!!!!


Some days I feel sad and I think "I'm gonna die.
"Ain't none of us getting off this ride alive."
On those days I tell myself to "let it out out, you'll see,
"Throw your hands into the air and scream."

Cause we're just bones dancing. Stardust skeletons, flying through space
Ghosts inside our meat skins. Here and gone without a trace.
Life is so absurd and marvelous in its way
Why worry 'bout tomorrow. Just dance with me today.

Well there's seven guys on horses and they're riding straight for me
And I think that I'll invite them up for tea,
There's brimstone in the front yard glowing in the fading light
We're gonna have a hot time tonight.


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I like it : ) , just say'in, one meat skin to another... -- on the darkest lines, "I'd" add a kazoo for the noir quality : ).

-- Nice horn playing there too!

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I love the low fi saturation on the vox tracks. The trumpets also really cool. Sounds like some old Ragtime for Dixieland. Lyrics are fun and imaginative

Cool dissonant backing vocals. I like the metaphor outside a metaphor. Maybe a funihilist anthem?

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Great music - love the horns. Fantastic metaphors and delightful details. Wonderful fun.

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Cool! Sounds a bit like New Orleans funeral music mixed with Tom Waits and Nick Cave. Lyrics are fab - love the "meat skin," "seven guys on horses" and "brimstone in the front yard"!