Never say never

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Never say never




Liner Notes: 

I've been winding down the songwriting for this season, and really was not sure if I would do another one, but started playing some open minor chords in partial dropped-D tuning, came up with the first line, and this soon seemed to take on a life of its own.

quick iPhone recording of it...

and the end bit is just improvised..

and I just realized, i did the 'week 12' challenge with this song too, as it mentions the number 12


The game’s heating up but I’m feeling burnout
From here till November, the question is turnout
The minds have been made up, no one’s undecided
Every demographic has now been divided
Its all up to who shows up, who pulls the lever
Not over till its over, never say never

Every four years the stakes seem higher
The battle lines etched in rings of fire
In 08 and twelve we heard the people speak
But if the orange horror wins, we’re gonna be up shit creek
The choice you make now is gonna last forever
Not over till its over, never say never

Forget about third parties, if you’re in a swing state
There’s only two choices, its check and checkmate
And you never know just how close it can be
A couple people change their minds, and we’re all out to sea
We’re all on the same boat there’s no room for error
Not over till its over, never say never

Do I have to state the reasons, cite it chapter and verse?
How its not just two evils, how one is so much worse
Do I have to tell you one more time about supreme court nominations?
And how that will impact on future generations
Come on and make me proud, don’t just say ‘eh, whatever’
Not over till its over, never say never

(c) M. Skliar 2016

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Jibbidy34's picture

Hey Mike. A good political song expressing how we're all feeling at this time. 'Orange horror' made me laugh but too true. Well done getting the number 12 in as well for the weekly challenge. I personally like raw iPhone recordings Smile

Chip Withrow's picture

Love it! You put into music and lyric what I want to tell so many people, particularly young voters. I like the insistent, get-out-the-vote strum.

tsunamidaily's picture

good demo, actually. good message in the song as well. nice improv at the end.

helen's picture

Great insistent rhythm on the guitar and great message too. Nicely done.