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Liner Notes: 

I totally geeked out on this challenge.
Each line has 12 syllables. The verses add up to twelve lines. But then, I decided to throw a chorus in, too.

I was thinking this might be a fun song to sing on someone's 12th birthday....

Also I figured out last week that I have used almost all the letters of the alphabet for starting my song titles, so I challenged myself to use the remaining ones as I head to the 50 song finish line. After this one, I have K, U and Z left...


A number of perfection, holding space and time.
Twice a day, months each year, types of Zodiac signs.
Inch by inch, foot by foot, till you build out a room.
We stopped sending astronauts to explore the moon.
Why send more? We have reached perfection level.
A dozen doughnuts evenly divides so well.

XII, composite number that has six divisors
XII, last even number to be a sum of primes
XII, you're the largest number with one syllable
You are super-factorial. You are sublime.

Earth, air, water, fire multiplied by number three
Mary Magdalene mentioned xii times, Biblically
XII Olympic Gods, Heracles xii tasks did do
XII Tribes of Israel, Ishmael had XII sons, too.
Jesus chose XII apostles; Shiva has XII shrines
It is the kissing number in three dimensions


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Nice ode to twelve, I like how all the facts are tucked in neatly with a joyful melody and fun rhythm.

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Geeky fun. I had to look up "kissing number in three dimensions". I don't know if a 12 year old would catch most of the references?

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That's a great idea for a song! Lyrics might be a bit clever for a 12th birthday, like @iveg said, but it's still a solid tune. I like the melody a lot. Chorus is pretty catchy. Never realized it was the highest number with one syllable, so I actually learned something from your song. :P Good work.

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As a math teacher I love this a lot! Great job finding facts about your number!

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I was thinking of doing a 12th birthday song for this challenge. But I'm doing a banjo instrumental instead.
Amazing, amazing lyrics and a delightful tune. I dig your vocal - fun and drama in it.

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I love the 12 syllable meter, it works so well! Surprisingly well... Excellent take on the challenge, a pleasure to listen to, and full of little easter eggs and factoids that just end up adding to the charm.