The Twelve Links

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The Twelve Links


Liner Notes: 

It's not the most succinct song, but this is another Buddhist-themed songs, and explores the realm of the Twelve Links of Dependent Arising, or in other words the twelve links that give rise to samsaric existence. Inspired by Week 12's challenge of including "12" in the song. It only appears in the title and in concept, but it still works!

I would've written a verse for each of the twelve links, but they can get a bit samey. lol. So just as the twelve links are interconnected, so they are throughout the song.

The twelve links are:
1. Ignorance
2. Volitional Formations
3. Consciousness
4. Craving
5. Grasping
6. Becoming
7. Rebirth
8. Name and Form
9. The Six Sense Organs
10. Contact
11. Feeling
12. Aging and Death

I wish there was a better, easy way of describing, but the list needs to suffice. Here's also a Tibetan explanation of them to help maybe:


Born out of suffering
Born out of ignorance
Born out of our desires

Whether born into frailty
Or born into majesty
Our will burns like fire

What we see, what we hear
What we sense and all we do
Will only serve to form our intentions

We reach for what we see
Thinking that it's what we need
Swallowed by the object of our attention

We reach for what we see
Thinking that it’s what we need
And thinking that it’s what we think

We go through the motions
Trying to escape from this ocean
While to the ocean we still cling

And from the waters we will be born
Our cravings, they will take form
Into this existence, born from out desire

Born out of suffering
Born out of ignorance
Born out of our desire

Realize these twelve links
And from the suffering you can release
And break free from this chain

If truth be what you seek
Realize these twelve links
And never will you suffer again

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Moving and lovely word crafting. Thank you!