Peace Begins With Me

Peace Begins With Me

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Liner Notes: 

ANDY: Jessica did a lovely song about the food pyramid sung in her native Deutsche (aka German) language
I asked if she would like to collaborate on an English language song about the food pyramid, from a healthy eating point of view. Jessica sent me a lovely violin solo over the beats and asked if I wanted to add lyrics. At the same time the current Week 11challenge to write a song about an artist or artwork. One of my listed influences and favorite artists is Sarah Kiser. She is a vegan, like I am, and was very kind and helpful to me when I began painting. In looking at Sarah Kiser's prints around the house and searching images on the internet I found a YouTube video titled "Peace Begins With You" that was the inspiration for the title.

In listening to the violin motif Jessica sent, I hear "Peace begins with me" and a simple major chord progression. I recorded a scratch vocal/guitar track, which ended up being buried in the mix, another vocal/guitar track, a banjo track, and a shaker track. Jessica added a lovely second voice. This was a fun collaboration!


remove chords
Peace Begins With Me

Verse 1 vamp
How I breathe
What I believe
Whats on my plate
It’s not up to fate

Peace begins with me Peace begins with me
What I choose to eat Peace begins with me

Verse 2
Vegetables and fruit
Fresh to the root
Five servings a day
On my plate


Verse 3
One part plant protein
Calories one part
unsaturated fat
Carbs two parts


Repeat Verse 1 and Refrain

Instrumental verse and refrain

Repeat Verse 1 and Refrain

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This is a cool little song! Love that peace begins with me. Great collab!