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Page Turner



Liner Notes: 

So this past weekend I got to meet a young artist named Page Turner. (Isn't that the most awesome name ever?) You can check out her portfolio at She transforms antique cloth and objects into captivating works of art. So when I saw this week's challenge, I knew exactly who I would profile.

I sent her a rough draft of this song and it made her weepy, so I think I got the details right on this song. She helped me realize that I perform the auditory equivalent of what she does with fabric, paper and bone. So enjoy this little bundle of notes and words.


1. In the hills of Appalachia, there's a studio tucked away.
An artist wraps time in bundles, weaving treasures every day.
Each work tells a story with old ribbons, teeth and lace
Of a time nearly forgotten woven neatly in this space.
And she uses the tools of women long gone
Hand-stitching with fabric a visual song.

Oh, Page Turner, your stories carry me
Back to childhood; back to another century.
You gather up those memories and make the objects sing
Of old time tunes and romances; of families gathering.

2. In the woods of New Hampshire I attended a retreat.
She taught a class on bundling, with piles of boxes so neat.
Inside each one, she'd bundled old objects in a bed:
Ribbons, wool, leaves, cloth, all tied up with loose thread.
And Page taught us how to unbundle and quietly set free
New works of art from what some would call debris.


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Beautiful story and images. Great detail. Gorgeous delivery!

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That is a great name and "visual song" is such an evocative thing. I like that the music evokes an almost Appalachian feel to it as well and that you tied it to yourself and your own experience.

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This is really pretty and a lovely audio portrait of the artist. Nicely done Smile