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Liner Notes: 

CTS: I started using Studio One off and on for about two months now. Still trying to get use to all of its functionality...and there's a lot! Anyway, I managed to make an actual demo-sounding demo. I imagine this is the recording one would give to "the band" and say, "You've got a week to learn your parts." My ace, Nancy Rost, pitched in for the French lesson in the middle. There are quite a few clams as I rather suck at guitar. I used a Squire, 4 String Schecter bass, MIDI Keys and a LINN DRUM sampler. There's also a tweaked drum kit loop.

The song is innocent enough. The scenario is a night club. Guy meets gal. They take off and have a good time sans any hanky-panky. An attractions is there, but the cologne is all that is needed.


Bad I know from back 2 front
Serious - ain't 'bout no junk
Boys 2 men would holler loud
Just 2 be with u a while
But me I'm cool right where I am
And u just causing traffic jams

U take notice of my scent
And u know its subtle hint
Of come 2 me with no delay
Enticed u are from just a spray
U come we leave it's just like that
Believe u me I'll bring u back

SPOKEN (En Francais)
if only all the other suitors were as compelling as your cologne.
Such confidence you have
Those fresh notes of lemon, vine leaves; black currant, oak's sexy.
You're like a dram bottle of causality...irresistable
I would never think to ride around town with such thoughts of you...let's go somewhere private, my that I may smell more of you.

Now u know just what's the deal
About my sense of whip appeal
We dined we danced we had some laughs
And my cologne's your autograph
Of me so cool right where I am
And u still causing traffic jams

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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Oui! C'est bonne! Fun concept and wonderful evolution of story. Great sound on demo. Love the French section! Many great lines including:
"We dined we danced we had some laughs
And my cologne's your autograph"

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The Minneapolis Sound tag made me smile in anticipation ( with a tinge of sadness ) and the music is spot on. Very well done. Even your voice sounds a bit like the Artist ( not so high but the way you phrase ). French bit is really funny. Oh, this is just 2 much! Smile

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This is awesome ... in every way ... I love the way the music and rhythm follow one another ... I especially like the breakdown right before the spoken French ... I laughed so hard at "this ain't no video hoe here" ... Love everything about this! You make some of my favorite music! I'm with @Klaus ... A little nostalgic and teary when I saw the Minneapolis Sound tag ... You definitely did it justice ... Wonderful job!

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Brilliant song and collaboration. Love the drive here. Enjoyed listening very much. Love the music and the vocals are so gorgeous! Nice contrast between the singing and spoken vocals.

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I'm happy to see you have a new song! What a great idea to have someone speak French. I love the line "And u just causing traffic jams."This is a such a cool song!

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This is great! Love the French interlude and the odd little speech before the final refrain. Nicely done.

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Someone has been listening to The Time :-). Love it! Handy that those Canadians speak French so fluently. Great funky song, the French sentences, the spoken sentences and the ending are the icing on this delicious cake!