A Nice Little Song

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A Nice Little Song



Liner Notes: 

Here it is - my 50th song. I wrote it after reading the thread concerning how folks felt about receiving the comment, "nice little song."


It’s a nice little song
It’s a fun little song
And it’s catchy – a worm for your ear
It’s a nice little song
My 50th song
And I also turned 50 this year

It’s a nice little song
It’s a short little song
It’s a sweet little song
Yes – that’s true
It’s not very long but it’s my
50th song
And I happen to be 50, also

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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this is so cute ...I love the arrangement... it's perfect for the song ... light and carefree ... congrats on reaching 50 songs and years!

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Like it!

Keeping with your rhyme scheme, ear - year, then, true - too ... see if not worse that way, vs "also" as last word.

( No, didn't ask for input, but, you're not that fragile, it seems : ) -- nice! )

-- Good work, happy 50

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Little bit of mandolin, nice vocals, little bit of lyrics, nice autobiographical lines... It really is a nice little song! So next year you're going to do 51 songs? Smile

I've been looking forward to this nice and fun little song. Smile

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Reminiscent of Loudon Wainwright III in its humor and meta-comment on songwriting. (Although he probably would have used a banjo instead of ukulele). Really quite fun, sweet, catchy and short!