Meet Me in the Labyrinth

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Meet Me in the Labyrinth



Liner Notes: 

This is a collection of memories of what I did in the days immediately following September 11, 2001.


It’s too damn quiet today
I hear my footsteps on the gravel
All I can do is walk in circles
As the world outside unravels

As I look beyond the labyrinth
In the gray sky something missin’
But I still feel compelled to pray
Hope there’s a God out there who’ll listen

Someone’s still trimming the hedges
Someone’s still kneeling in the dirt
Someone’s planting autumn flowers
Someone’s got to heal the hurt

When I heard about the labyrinth
I thought it quaint and strange
But that was Monday, now it’s Wednesday
And oh, how the world did change

So won’t you meet me in the labyrinth?
And though you can’t unlearn what you do know
To be a child of the 21st century
Back in time you must go

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This is really wonderful, a slice of life from those strange days I also remember all to well. That loose guitar and piano sound is perfect for this, giving it a disarming charm and a joy to 'heal the hurt'

one of your best songs! great work!

Cool labyrinth song, I have a mini-labyrinth installation! Okay it's a painted 2x10 board with the words from the Patchouli song between two concrete blocks in the center of a painted labyrinth on the concrete patio. Nice work for the bonus song!

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Fantastic tribute to an unforgettable turbulent time. I love the details of life going on that you provide.

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Really love these lyrics! I particularly like the "someone's still..." Section. Personally this sounds like a nice section to be a bridge - a little change up of the chords to give it some diversity. I really enjoyed this!

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This was really well done. You caught some important stuff. How quiet it was and how beautiful it was the day of and the day after. That was so unreal. The labyrinth metaphor is very interesting. Are you talking about NYC or sort of the inner turmoil with that? Or is it both? I like how the music isn't maudlin. A lot of songs about 9-11 get so deeply into their musical angst that I can't even listen. I remember those things, and then after that I remember how strange the reactions were. Like when I moved from NY to Cleveland the following year, how much more afraid people seemed. I said I could never write a 9-11 song, but maybe I could if I focused on the absurdity.

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I also avoid a lot of 9/11 songs but this is really amazing. It captures both the tragedy and the resilience. the holes that we can't fill, the stories that ended that day and the stories that began. I remember the sky was so damn blue that morning. This is really catchy and your delivery is perfect.

helen's picture

This is really good. Strangely happy given its subject matter, but in a way appropriate in a "life goes on" kind of way, if that makes sense.