Love Is Peculiar and Beautiful

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Love Is Peculiar and Beautiful



Liner Notes: 

Don't know where this came from, but it came to me quickly, so I figured a quick guitar/vocal demo made sense.


Pirate Jim come down the road
Before the kiss he was a toad
He's wearing a dead man tuxedo
Can't wait to do si do

Saint Maggie earned her name
Through bribery and she got no shame
Shakes a fist at Pirate Jim
Tonight she's gonna marry him

Love is peculiar and beautiful

Shuck the corn boil the eggs
Uncork the wine tap the kegs
Harvest's here it's been so long
Blow the bugle bang the gong

I'm the sheriff and the barkeep too
And I'll paint your portrait cobble your shoe
Tomorrow morning milk the cows
Tonight I'll read the wedding vows

Love is peculiar and beautiful

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This is cool....It's got a Jerry Garcia vibe... that I really like!

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Fun and clever! Like the strum slap pattern! Indeed a peculiar but perfect love. Great hook! I enjoyed the celebration and the small town quirky feel!