We'd Made It This Far

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We'd Made It This Far



Liner Notes: 

A collection of dreams I've had. The first verse is the most recent, the "river saloon" is recurring. The song is an attempt to interpret them, I suppose.


I dreamed about us under the stars
Playing troubadour songs on beat-up guitars
Running from something, we’d made it this far
Oh, we’d made it this far

I dreamed about us in a river saloon
Drought come along as it did every June
Running from something, lived in our car
Oh, we’d made it this far

What if I’ve dreamed this entire landscape
Saved in a vault on videotape?
To watch in a theater with my closest friends
What if far never ends?

I dreamed we were taming a roomful of snakes
Calm overcame me, I’d learned from mistakes
Could not recall where I’d gotten that scar
Oh, we’d made it this far

I dreamed of homecoming just out of reach
Hard to feel sad on a white sandy beach
Now we’re speaking Spanish – nos encanta el mar
Oh, we’ve made it this far

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Very nice listen, relaxing, happy and very pleasant to listen to. There are some philosophical references, they make the listener think too. Beautiful singing and playing.

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Love this line: "Playing troubadour songs on beat-up guitars" but I don't know why. Great, visual lyric, nice catchy tune and wonderful guitar. Very nice! Give rose

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I really like where you're going with this. The lyrics are structured very well. I have a hard enough time playing one instrument. Look at you showing off your skills! (Also, looks like you'll hit your 50/90 goals! Keep up the great work.)

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I love everything about this! Intriguing dream content summarized nicely in variations on a theme, the minor key, and particularly the way you are using the mandolin. It lends a terrific vibe of being somewhere outside of normal. I'm going to play it again! Oh, I am reminded of the very pretty guitar intro; now I see that it portends of the speaking Spanish episode in flavor. Muy bueno!

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Very nice.
Great mood you create here.
I'm loving the mandolin - really adds to the song.
The lyrics are suitably dreamlike.
The waltz time sig works really well.
Great work, as usual!!

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The mandolin gives a richness to the arrangement. Interesting lyrics and nice tune. Good write overall, I'd say. (Jealous of your mandolin skills...!)