Padouk Interlude

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Padouk Interlude



Liner Notes: 

The guitar part is a true interlude - sitting at the kitchen table, in between working on two other songs with lyrics, the simple fingerpicking riff almost started playing itself.
This is the first time this 50/90 I've used the tongue drum, also called a padouk (that's the kind of wood used). I've recorded with it before, but I still have trouble with where and how to place it near a mic. It's so fun to play, though, and even though the drum notes are a D scale, I was able to find enough common notes for this song in E.
I'll probably play the guitar part in an upcoming yoga class I teach.

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I really love this! It makes me feel sort of mellow and happy.

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Wonderful when the muse herself plays a tune for ya! This is very nice indeed. Original yet familiar. Predictable and surprising in the right measures. Give rose