Horsedrawn Cabbage

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Horsedrawn Cabbage



Liner Notes: 

Many of the instrumentals I do are so I can use the recordings in the soundtracks for the yoga classes I teach. And the harmonium is one of the traditional instruments of yoga/kirtan music. It's also fun and interesting to play, and well-suited for this minor-key excursion (which I wrote originally for banjo).
And as for the title - in a Bob Dylan song, he sings "horsedrawn carriage" and it sounds like "horsedrawn cabbage." I tried to use that title in a song with lyrics - it didn't work, but I had to use those nonsense words somehow.

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Well your title was total clickbait! I love the idea of a horsedrawn cabbage Biggrin Nice instrumental here, it's a thought provoking yet wistful vibe. With the harmonium sewing together the chords nicely.