September Shine

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September Shine



Liner Notes: 

Last 50/90 (or maybe even the one before that) I wrote a 30-second song called "Her Name Is September." I liked it so much that I turned it into a longer song (not by much, though) and performed it.
Here's another one about a girl named September (same girl, maybe?) but also about my amazing daughter, who was born very prematurely (in January, though) and is now a high school freshman.
I love the organ sounds on my keyboard!


You couldn’t wait til October
No, you had to be discovered
September shine

Gotta tell your past life stories
Bouquet of morning glories
September shine

Shine on September, shine on September

Get your birthday party started
Jump right in wholehearted
September shine

Shine on September, shine on September

Autumn girl, shine on through
Autumn girl, sapphire of blue
September shine

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For me, it's a great "in the moment song", (as we hope they all are? : ) ... The hook sustains itself, and in the act of singing it, is the fun of it. I can see, in particular, e.g., "kids", singing it and having fun for simply having done so, --the in the moment element. The abstraction, works, as itself.

-- Good for you!

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Oooo I love this! That organ? is so sweet! Great beat too...very nice!

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Love this very September song! Nice organ indeed, and warmly rhythmic guitar!