Singing Frog Blues

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Singing Frog Blues



Liner Notes: 

When I walked the dog the other morning, I heard a crazy loud chorus of frogs coming from a ditch. I went home and grabbed my recording gadget, captured the sounds, and wrote this song. It's traditional 12-bar blues format, and I let the frogs sing the third line of each verse.


You can’t see ‘em but you can hear ‘em
Listen to ‘em sing but doncha get near ‘em

You can hear ‘em but you can’t see ‘em
If you catch ‘em be sure you free ‘em

You can’t look but you can listen
Wonder if they’re courtin’ wonder if they’re kissin’

You can’t look but you can hear their song
After the rain and all night long

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I love frogs! We used to have them all over the place on the farm we used to live on. I love natural sounds too-very cute!

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Perfect! Love the feel to this! So true. I love the simplicity of this and the lovely down home feel. I really enjoy the back to nature feel although our frogs don't sound quite like that in Wisconsin!

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I think it's great to use alt audio mixed in, -- good for you! Great to see this, well done.