Remote Starter Blues

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Remote Starter Blues



Liner Notes: 

Super dumb song, doorknob-hands solo, but fun!


When did it get so cold?
Seems like not so long ago
I was listening to Good Vibrations on the radio
But then my darling left
Barely took the time to pack
She took the summer with her & it isn’t coming back

Now I’m miserable
Gotta winterize

Why did I have to be so dumb?
I had to know that winter’d come
If I had only been just a little smarter
Inside my truck the radio’d be on
Inside the frost would all be gone
I should have bought myself a remote starter

I’m sad and lonely as a man can be
But I need to think practically
Make sure the firewood is stored
Get winter tires on the Ford

Get the storm windows from the shed
Make sure the furnace isn’t dead
But someday it will be summer again
I just don’t know when

[instrumental verse]


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Not super dumb. It's quite clever, and uses some big words. But it IS a lot of fun. My favorite line is "She took the summer with her & it isn't coming back."

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Actually, that's a pretty deft bit of genre songwriting. I really like the line about taking summer with her.

Speaking of dumb, this morning I asked my wife whether I could use this lyric:
Oh my balls my balls, my itty bitty balls, oh my balls are itchy and I scratch 'em with my tambourine [cue tambourine].

She said no. I guess I might have to win my personal 01/90 without that one. On the other hand, Life Without Budgies hasn't posted in a long while

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Fantastic metaphor that is befitting coming from someone who likely knows about winterizing! Fantastic groove! I love the beat and the energy in the vocals. Wonderful guitar instrumental. I want to drum along with this. Loving it so much!

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Don't know what I like best: 1) dual vox, whenever/wherever; 2) drop outs to just drums or drums/vox; 3) delivery of "coming back" in V1; 4) the rough & ready sound to the very end of the solo; 5) the concise/smart chorus; or 6) just the balls out energy!
How could someone up and take summer away like that!? Horrible! But you're onto something...

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Like the energetic feel to this a lot; like the extended metaphor of winteriz-ing even better.

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Great work here!
Wonderful playing and mix - nice in the headphones.
A great straight ahead rocker.
Well done!

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You covered the Winter front, right down to the tires on the Ford, and the remote starter. I dig the driving guitars, and the guitar solo that elbows it's way to the front of the stage. Meets all my vintage rock criteria for a stomping good time!

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Beach Boys reference notwithstanding, this definitely has The Beatles lurking somewhere in its ancestry. That chorus has some of the cheekiest rhymes I've heard this summer. And one of the cheesiest endings too, right down to the amp buzz. What a hoot - I love it!