When Things Settle Down

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When Things Settle Down



Liner Notes: 

In our family, we often joke about how we'll get to all the stuff we want to do "when things settle down." But that never really happens.


We say we’ll get together someday soon
Maybe meet for coffee one afternoon
You say you’ll make time for me, I say the same to you
When things settle down – well, they never do

We say that next month we just might
hit the town some Friday night
We’ll toast our friendship, drink our fill
When things settle down, but they never will

Next month calendar’s already filling in
We shake our heads and wonder when
Things might settle down – well, my friend
That day –
That sweet, sweet day might just be pretend

How ‘bout a phone call sometime but not too late
We can squeeze it in between 7:30 and 8
When the kids are grown, the bills are paid, our paths may cross anew
When things settle down – well, they never do

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So true. Things never settle down, and there is never enough time. That's why it's always important to make time for your family and the ones we love. Great lyrics!

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great reminder to make time for what and who's important ... this is a wonderfully powerful song lyrically ... full of wisdom ... great job