Just Love

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Just Love



Liner Notes: 

I wrote this for the Facebook skirmish group - this week's prompt is "love." And I was going to perform it Saturday market at our local outdoor market, but then I was actually in sort of a bad mood (rare for me) and didn't feel it would be authentic to sing this.
As the song says, often I remind myself to live this way. And when I fall short, I remind myself again.


Live each day to each minute
Appreciate each moment in it
It would be oh, so nice
If I took my own advice

Just love – plant a seed
Just love – all you need

When you stumble, you recover
See yourself in each other
It would be oh, so fine
If I truly lived this song of mine

Just love – everyone
Just love – when all is said and done
Just love

Just love – nothing less
Just love – just say yes

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igg's picture

Very sweet direct...I love..."It would be oh, so nice...If I took my own advice"....I like the tune and the delivery.....and of course, the message!!!! Excellent!

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So very smart and honest. Why is so hard to always do the loving thing? Good to be reminded. Beautiful song.

Drive By Love Fest's picture

I love this line "When you stumble, you recover
See yourself in each other". And really enjoyed the guitar section at 2mins in.

barbara's picture

Listening with my eyes closed, moving to the music in my chair. When this line came:
"When you stumble, you recover / See yourself in each other"
I got one of those so, so sweet smiles that last and glow.
The beauty of your honesty is a powerful thing.

"It would be so nice if I took my own advice". That is heavy, I hope to hear this at the market some other time then.

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Really great feel! I think this really conveys what most people feel and the guitar accents the lyrics well!