Little Bar of Soap

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Little Bar of Soap



Liner Notes: 

Don't let the title fool you. This is not a children's song but it is about a child. Adult child.

And don't let the first line shock you. I may stretch the boundaries of happy pop sometimes, but this is not about death rather than a survivor.

True story by the way.

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This is the last song on my personal Challenge of post-one-song-every-day-for-a-week. I'm really tired now but hey! mission accomplished as @cindyrella has witnessed.

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Little Bar of Soap

Well, our mother died two years ago
her place is empty now
we had to clear it up for the sale

I didn't want her cutlery
or worn out furniture
and things I really needed she didn't have

From a bathroom cabinet
I found a bar of soap
looking brand new in a fancy box

Some soap has never hurt not one
like mother used to say
so I tossed it in my canvas bag

Every morning I wake up
to see the sunny sky
I wash my face with a little bar of soap
Every day it seems that I
look a little taller
and that little bar of soap
is getting smaller

( solo )

Every morning I wake up
to see the sunny sky
I wash my face with a little bar of soap
Every day it seems that I
look a little taller
and that little bar of soap
is getting smaller

Now I smell just like roses
with a tiny trace of tangerine
But it's alright
yes, it's alright
I can stay on track
and keep it clean

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How special this is! I love it. It says so much in a few words. The music is incredible too. Love that it is true as well! <3

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Wonderful pop sounds and great expression of the little ways in which we grieve and work through grief. Wish I had your skillz with the synth... that's a catchy organ/ synth riff.

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Very dear. I like what @metalfoot said about grief. That's what hit me too. That and an olfactory hallucination of roses and tangerine, honestly! I can relate to choosing idiosyncratic items as remembrances of loved ones. Sweet song!

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That solo put me in the mind of an early Beatles solo.. Both sound, singing and lyrics are lovely. Nice ending, hadn't heard such endings in a long time!

Technicolor Gramophone's picture

Love that retro organ ... reminds me a bit of The Damned and Captain Sensible's solo stuff. Very nice guitar solo as well! Really touching and creative lyrics that get across the idea of getting over the death of a loved one, with the little bar of soap a nice metaphor for grief.

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I love the meaty bass mixed with the dreamy, '80s synth. The chorus is wonderfully catchy, and I didn't think I'd ever be this emotional over a bar of soap. Like @Ferry Colyer said, the solo is very early Beatles. I like the bridge as well. Good work all around on this one.

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I love this song, Klaus. Thank you for sharing it with us!

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Wow! The lyrics are are really beautiful! What a great tribute to your mother! They actually remind me a bit of one of my favorite songwriters, Eric Bogle. Nice job on the guitar solo too!

philmcmill's picture

Fantastic lyrics! (I read them before listening to demo). Dealing with aftermath of death is really emotional, you found a great item to hook into. Music is wonderful.

kahlo2013's picture

This is really special. It is a beautiful tribute to someone dear. It is those little things that mean so much. You capture that well with the details you share.

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This is so lovely! Love the soap shrinking and person getting used to idea of mother being gone. Grief!