Soulful Soul

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Soulful Soul



Liner Notes: 

I watch too much TV, but this is the third song idea this week that came from a car commercial. In this case, it was the Kia Sol and its slogan, something about having a unique soul.
Also, I lifted the "Queen Anne's Lace" rhyme from a song by Peter Case, and then just the other day I heard Bob Dylan use it and wondered if that's how Peter Case got it.


You are one of a kind
You are a diamond in a coal mine
You are the greatest story ever told
You are a soulful soul

You are uniquely you
You are indigo more than blue
Your house painted in colors bold
You are a soulful soul

Hope you’re not embarrassed to hear it
You are such a spirited spirit
A soulful soul like you
Pours love into all that you do

You are more than time and space
You are a field of Queen Anne's Lace
You let go to gain control
You are a soulful soul

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Aw! This is sweet. And nice job on the piano playing. I'm impressed that you get some much variety out of car commercial inspiration. It gives me an idea that I may or may not pursuit (nothing to do with car commercials... that's your thing). I love the line about Queen Anne's Lace.

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Nice piano playing, chord structure and singing, really like the vocal delivery.

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I would have never imagined that your inspiration came from a Kia Sol car commercial! I guess watching too much TV is not a bad thing at all when it inspires so much creativity and brings joy to others as this gem of a song does!

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Gorgeous and truly poetic lyrics, I really like the line and the imagery of "You are a diamond in a coal mine". The title (and the hook at the same time) is awesome and works, too.... Lovely piano and performance! It is always amazing where inspiration can come from...

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what beautiful piano playing ..."You are indigo more than blue" and "You let go to gain control" are my favorite lines ... great delivery ... and very memorable melody ... wonderful song!