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Liner Notes: 

Song #5 in my post-one-song-every-day-for-a-week Challenge. Song was done couple of weeks ago. Now I checked the lyrics and made simple demo. Had no time for fancy stuff this time, but I don't think this kind of song needs it.

This spring, after the surgery I was little bit sad. But I'm glad it didn't last long.



Sometimes when days are trying
I feel like crying
but only sometimes

Sometimes I'm like a puppy
happy go lucky
as I can be

Funny how it goes
all my cares and woes
scatter when the wind blows

Sometimes I can't get going
there's nothing growing
but weeds and worries

Sometimes the clouds are parting
I feel like starting
a brand new day

Funny how it is
from a blank abyss
comes a kiss of bliss!

( solo )

Sometimes my feet won't obey
they won't go my way
losing direction

Sometimes I am just walkin
I keep on walking
until I'm done

Maybe I will find
little peace of mind
everything works fine

Sometimes when days are trying
I feel like crying
but only sometimes

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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What a joy to hear this one! We all have those sometimes and this is a jewel-your vocals are wonderful! You made my day with this! Smile

igg's picture

A very happy set of lyrics.....with your sweet vocals/harmonies.....and melodies....and changes....! The sun comes out when you sing this!

metalfoot's picture

Such a happy sounding song about how you are not always happy! Smile
Thanks for sharing it.

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That descending lead lick is cool. I love the lead solo - It's the kind that gets stuck in my head. The ooohs are cool, too. Your lyrics are great, Klaus, as always. You are an exceptional songwriter.

kahlo2013's picture

Wonderful upbeat insightful look into the changing lanscape of our moods! Your lyrics capture that so well. It captures the beauty of the human spirit with its resiliency and simple joys that we will find on our journey if we are able to keep open to them.

Great guitar!

Mt.Mélodie's picture

Lovely little song, especially the solo is great. Nice touch with harmony vocals, and it has a chord structure that keeps it sounding fresh and interesting until the end. Especially the last bit is great. Think that it arrangment wise sounds quite full, don't really miss any more instrumentation.

Technicolor Gramophone's picture

Really enjoyable! I like those little guitar licks between verses and the solo and the straightforward optimism of the lyrics ("my feet won't obey" is great). Harmony vocals a plus!

Arthur Rossi's picture

Great song, Klaus! The tune is very memorable and has a great sing-along-feel. The short elegant lines contribute a lot to this... The section "Sometimes I am just walkin/I keep on walking/until I'm done" made me smile... Awesome vocal delivery as well!

headfirstonly's picture

This is a great, fun singalong song with lots of quirky touches like the stuttering "fi-i-ine" - stick this as the first encore in your set, I'd say. I can imagine the audience singing those held notes along with you; the chorus is a great hook.

Love it!

Ferry Colyer's picture

Man, your song writing is going in very interesting directions. This could easily have been an early Beatles song. Impressive song, Klaus!

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Wow, what a lovely song! I agree it has a classic Beatle-esque feel to it! The lyrics have such a great message...acknowledging the problems yet seeing the net good! And the music is both unique and somehow familiar in its happy groove! I love this and thoroughly enjoyed my listen!!!