Weasels Taking Over

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Weasels Taking Over



Liner Notes: 

Another song in which I lifted the opening riff from a TV commercial. I've had the opening line for a few weeks - read it in a magazine article. And as with the first TV-inspired song, i added a touch of effects.


It’s a weasel world
Oh yeah, it’s a weasel world
Weasel boy meets weasel girl
For sure, it’s a weasel world

It’s a weasel life
Oh yeah, it’s a weasel life
Weasel husband, weasel wife
Wedding toast to a weasel life

Weasel universe
Weasel universe
Some weasels are better
Some weasels are worse
For sure, it’s a weasel universe

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Weasels are so cute. I don't know why they have a bad name. Fun song though. Cool sound with the effects.

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What Valerie says... weasels are vermin, but ermine, which are pretty much weasels are highly prized for their fun and historically only the richest and most powerful people could wear it. You go weasel self! I like what you did with the little grain of inspiration.

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for some reason the phrase 'weasel world' makes such a wonderful hook and the ongoing adjectival use of weasel is quirky and delightful.

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This song totally makes me smile. Your guitar is perfect for your tune. I love the alliteration of "weasel world". I can totally see why that would launch you into creating a song.

Definitely a sneaky, slithering riff, kinda like a weasel Smile

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Ha! "Weasel world" just cracks me up, so funny. I love the riffs here, the funky/bluesy form, and all the milage you got out of the simple, but original idea. "...and we just live in it" missed the lyric sheet, but I think it closed the song nicely. Very entertaining, thanks for sharing!