Too Young (auntie-sin challenge)

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Too Young (auntie-sin challenge)




Liner Notes: 

Here is the next entry in the auntie-sin challenge, which strangely enough, I began. I'm not crazy about this song even though it took me a long, long, long time to get to it. I had a little break because of workload and it was hard to get back into it.

Resisted my usual urge to harmonize over any flaws.

The songs from @wobbie wobbit and @barbara that I had to work with were both quite good, different from each other but with quite a bit in common once I got down to it. I smushed together a lot of their themes and chords and such. Check them out and you will likely be able to hear the synthesizing in action.


We are too young for the great responsibility
And I am a son of the water and the light
Yet we’re too old not to know what we’ve been given
Take it back once we’re done with all this living

We’ve been passed
Our better selves
Turning round and round
A perfect shell

We can’t decide what to plant or whether we should grow
Lessons learned and unlearned, pages burning
We’re throwing stones against the sea, drowning in victory
Watch for moments in the scene, in between

We present
Never been ourselves
We are found, found, found
And all is not well

Weeds and wires, a bridge on fire
A nest of threads we pulled
We’d like to lay our heads down for a while

We are too proud for the doubt in our reality
And I am undone by the darkness in this light
We are too wise not to know what’s on the inside
Give it back once we’ve asked for alibis

We’re forewarned
Our solemn future
The rest will be will be
Against this picture

We’ve been warned
Against the future
The rest will be, will be... will be, will be

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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Love that middle section with the switch to falsetto! I really enjoyed this, you've created an interesting lyric from the synthesis, and the vocal melody is really strong. I read the description first and thought "aww, no harmonies!" but this sounds great with just one strong vocal.

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i love this game. I think that is a really lovely song there. i love some of the unexpected twists and turns in the melody, like the 3rd note on "found". Some lovely lines in there, love "And I am undone by the darkness in this light". i need to go back and give barbara's another listen, but i liked how the the flavour of the meaning was in your synthesis. lovely delivery, suited song perfectly. just is. listening again i like it even more, i hope it grows on you too. lovely song, lovely performance Smile ... also - well played Smile

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@wobbie wobbit nailed it when she talked about just how easily this one grows on you! I listened multiple times for the sake of seeing how the challenge of the game was played out, and honestly *every time* I enjoyed it even more. It has marvelous contrasts and change ups. And I really just love waiting for the end of each held note at the end of the phrases, cuz it's a beautiful thing you do with your voice! The final two sections make such a potent statement. And "drowning in victory" jumped out as a compact phrase that sums up a lot.

So far, I find this game to be difficult, but forgiving. There is no wrong or right way to do it, and another unexpected song is created!

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Downloading now! Only vaguely familiar with Auntie Sin, but now I'm a believer. Wonderful job of capturing something special. Good job all!

Catchy and wondrous, agree with the comments on this one grows with multiple listens. Great synthesis!

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Great tune, John--- standing on it's own (as I'm working backward through the chain now) it has some unexpected lyrical bits which came across as really original and vague, in a good way. Some of my favorite lines were "A perfect shell", "a son of the water and the light", and "throwing stones against the sea, drowning in victory"... Your sense of melody is impeccable, and I really liked the use of the Bm (iii chord) in the key of G here. Also, I have to give you props for the repetition and melody in "round and round" "found, found, found" and "will be, will be..." I love that melody. There is a little bounce and swish to the rhythm of the thing that contrasts some of the darkness in the lyric, and of all the things a lost in my process of synthesizing your song with @Powerstars 's , it's this feeling I wish I could have kept when I come back and listen now. Really great songwriting on display here. As a fellow synthesis player, I can't wait to listen to your source songs. Thanks for sharing!!

colgoo's picture this where so much of Izaak's lyric came from...I see so many similarities. He obviously synthesized well!!!

This is really lovely! A great listening experience.

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Ah cool to hear this now as I'm working back up through the chain. Quite different to your first song but I can so recognise the last two songs that I synthesised here. Quite a Radiohead vibe going on in the mid section that was pleasing to the ears. Smile Nice one

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Hi John, just wanted to tell you there have been several times your Syn song has popped up in my internal singing head! It's always a welcome surprise. Smile