A Silent Grief

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A Silent Grief




Liner Notes: 

I really like Dee's lyrics. Not only is there's a lot of heart in them but she also has a good rhythm. I was trying to do a "mainstream sound" with this demo and had Fleetwood Mac in mind, think Dreams with more chords.

But with the sax sound if feels more like George Michael. Smile


A Silent Grief
Lyrics: Dee West
August 2016

You don’t understand the way I feel
My emotions are swept aside and claimed unreal
You give yourself
To everyone else
And I’m left out in the cold

I can never seem to win this race
I can’t keep astride and match your pace
I try to run
Before the gun
But I lose and never win gold.

So tell me,
Would you care if I was no longer here?
Would you notice if I just disappeared?
If you need me, then tell me so.
If you love me, then make a show.
What I want… is a little reassurance, dear.

I don’t understand where I went wrong
I have this feeling that I don’t belong
You could be here
But you’re never near
And I imagine it, or so I’m told

I don’t want to be in second place
Can no more fake this smile on my face
What lies beneath
Is a silent grief
So damn tiring, I feel old

So tell me,
Would you care if I was no longer here?
Would you notice if I just disappeared?
If you need me, then tell me so.
If you love me, then make a show.
What I want… is a little reassurance, dear.

I don’t mean to be so needy
But it doesn’t feel like you need me
Is a shrug the best you can do?
Please tell me if we’re over
There’ll be no argument, no nova
Cos if I’m owed one thing, it’s the truth

Repeat chorus

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Klaus's picture

Such a sad song. It feels even sadder because it's so real and common. Nice game metaphors, especially in the second verse. And I like how the verses match pretty good.

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I can relate to this. That horrible feeling when you have become the least important thing in someone's life and feel completely invisible to them. All you nee is the tiniest bit of reassurance, and you can't even get that. Deep, sad lyrics.

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I think these lyrics are feelings many could relate to. I was thinking because of the question in your chorus, that it might serve the song to make it feel a bit unstable with some odd lines, which I think you actually have, but lay on the same line as another when it could stand alone. For example, "out in the cold", "never win the gold", "is a little reassurance dear", "or so I'm told", "its the truth", "I feel old" could all stand alone with some well thought out front/back beats or musical pauses and have more impact musically. Curious now to hear a demo.

ustaknow's picture

-- Just..., very well done in all regards. Good for you!

Now, are you writing about the Cat? 'Cause, no, they don't care if you're not there, : ) unless meal time, or no way out to get some...

musicsongwriter's picture

Very sad, dramatic lyric. Love the title and the lines you've written. Hope to hear the demo.

cindyrella's picture

Thanks for telling me about this great but sad song! I think most people can relate to this so well and it does have a Fleetwood feel to it. This is a wonderful collab-they meld so perfectly!

musicsongwriter's picture

What a beautiful demo! Love the music, it sounds so organic, so effortless, so natural! Beautiful collaboration. You should be very proud of your song. Love the instrumentation, the vocals and the themes. Everything works brilliantly!

JamKar's picture

A sad but well constructed ballad heralding back in sounds to the 60's British invasion. Great emotion in these sung lyrics. Good job to you both!

tsunamidaily's picture

good choice of setting, in the demo. the sense of not getting the desired attention comes through. the neediness of the protagonist is honest but it does not come across as a particularly trustworthy account, because of the incessant neediness. good work.