Porch View

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Porch View



Liner Notes: 

I visited my parents in Ohio a couple of weeks ago, and most evenings we sat on the porch overlooking the backyard and had a few drinks. The last night I sat out there, I knew I had to write a song about that. And when I got back to Florida and wrote it, the banjo was calling to be picked.


Just after dinner time
I like to unwind
So I sit outside
Til summer dusk turns to night
I got a porch view – I’d like to share it with you

Under my ceiling fan
Oh, I’m a happy man
I sit here when I can
With a cold drink in my hand
I got a porch view – nothing left to do
I got a porch view – I’d like to share it with you

When that screen door swings
Sounds as good as anyone sings
Outside that screen door
World happens that’s for sure
I got a porch view – just as real and true
I got a porch view – I’d like to share it with you

Got me some down time
Just enough to unwind
I got this wooden chair
And another sit right there
I got a porch view – and a backyard vista too
I got a porch view – sure like to share it with you

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Back porch cold beverages are great! I like that banjo riffing.

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I love this relaxed and happy song! Verse two is my personal favorite. Love that longer ascending combination of lines 3 and 4 each time. This is truly sweet, "just right " music.

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Ahhh, downtime - I remember that! There are few things finer than sitting on the back step with a cold beer on a summer evening, and I can totally imagine you and your banjo enjoying the peace and quiet.

(Slowly breathes in and out)

Ahhh... That's lovely.