There You Go!

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There You Go!




Liner Notes: 

My work starts in two weeks. So this week I'm trying to post new song every day. And that is a promise!

I wanted to do something of my own between several unfinished collabs. I tried to do this as quickly as possible but it took six hours. It's still a feast I think. Lyrics are basically first draft, but there is a germ of idea there, meaning it would deserve a rewrite.


There You Go

Well, there you go ( go! )
there you go and break my heart again
and when you go
you break my heart again ( X 2 )

Do I really have to write it down?
Do you have to make me feel like a clown?
Why you even bother come'n around
if you never ever stay?
There's gotta be a better way

Well, there you go ( go! )
there you go and break my heart again
and when you go
you break my heart again ( X 2 )

I'd really like to get to know you girl
take you in my arms and make you a pearl
Don't you that I'm the Duke of Earl
alive in the dead of night
love at second sight

Well, there you go ( go! )
there you go and break my heart again
and when you go
you break my heart again ( X 2 )

I told you so
I told you no
and there you go
right out the door

I told you so
I told you no
In stereo
and there you go
and there you go
and there you go ( Go! Go! Go! )

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


cindyrella's picture

A song every day?! And this is the start?! I love it! A gem in every respect. Smile

Valerie Cox's picture

That chorus is so SO catchy! And the sing along bridge. Great fun even if the poor guy is getting his heart broke. Smile Go!

benjo's picture

hey bud, so you're pushing yourself
well good on you, I knew this would be good
as soon as I saw your name on it
love it all round keep em coming bud


Pam Grisham's picture

This is CATCHY. I especially like the line "love at second sight" and the chorus is great!

Mt.Mélodie's picture

Fun song with a very catchy chorus, the lyrics might need a little bit of more work, but this really has potential, you should revisit it if you ever get the time after the dust of 50/90 has settled.

Dee's picture

Wow Klaus! Get those Lycra flares and platforms out. There you Go is a 70's smasher in my opinion. Love it, it's so catchy. A wee suggestion regarding the lyrics - in verse 1 maybe: "Why you even bother comin' round." Just a thought. Good work.

kc5's picture

I'm amazed, Klaus, how you can sound just like an American when English is your 2nd language. Typically, I read the lyrics first, then listen to the audio--just my habit. When I read the lyrics, prior to listening, knowing that English is your 2nd language, I had some suggestions, but upon listening to the audio, it made my suggestions mute. You can get away with much more in song than when speaking or writing and it comes across well. There are some liberties songwriters can take with language and it appears here that you have command of that. Very catchy and I like the unusual format of starting with a repeated chorus, it makes it interesting and serves your song well.

Fuzzy's picture

Well this tune fall squarely in to one of my favourite genres - slightly weird and twisted pop music.
Catchy tune for sure, and that chorus is insanely appealing.
A song a day? I hope my head doesn't explode from Klaus-inspired awesomeness!

Technicolor Gramophone's picture

Your songs always bring a smile to my face. This is really fun, and the "Go!" in the chorus is a great touch. And "love at second sight" is a nice turn-of-phrase. Could have used a ripping 70s-style guitar solo, though!

Vom Vorton's picture

Really catchy and fun. I love the "go!" shouts in the chorus especially! The lyrics hit that sweet spot of slightly-silly-but-incredibly-charming bubblegum gold!

Powerstars's picture

Very '70s Bowie vibe coming off this one, which I dig. The "Go!" backups add some nice energy and I dig the falsetto lyrics. I also like the "love at second sight" lyric a lot, and the bridge has a nice rockabilly vibe. Also grinned at "in stereo." Nice work here!