Muscle Car

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Muscle Car



Liner Notes: 

At a commercial break in the Olympics, a car (or maybe it was a truck) commercial came on. The music for the ad was an electric blues riff in E. I had my guitar on my lap, so I started playing along. As the Olympics came back on, I turned the riffing into something (sort of) original.
This is a rhythm track really, with a couple of mixing board effects added to the one track of acoustic guitar.

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I really enjoy your instrumental stuff. You could probably add a really cool picking solo on your banjo over this. I like that you managed to get sort of a layered rhythmic sound with this.

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Cool little rhythmic instrumental. Add some other picking to it and call it song #35! (ha, ha). It has some nice changes in there.

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Great stomping rhythm to this - and some cool changes being thrown in there for good measure. I'm a sucker for that chunka-chunka-chunka sound Smile

A four barrel dual exhaust with a flame paint job, air shocks, 60's on the front and 50's on the rear.