Shorts and T Shirt

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Shorts and T Shirt



Liner Notes: 

It occurs to me every so often (as it did this morning when I opened our yoga studio at 6 am) that I get to earn my living in shorts, t-shirt, and bare feet.


All dressed up in tan and gray
Good for work and good for play
My motto set to song
Shorts and t shirt all day long

Maybe go with blue and green
Formal casual in between
Business meeting beer with lime
Shorts and t shirt all the time

In the garden winter and fall
Maybe wear no shirt at all
Living where it’s always hot
Shorts and t shirt all I got

Flip flops and a wide brimmed hat
On maybe barefoot how ‘bout that
All I do for work and play
Shorts and t shirt all damn day

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You're right....Bo Diddley on vacation....meets Grisman and Buffet!.....Very refreshing...

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Catchy! Banjo sounds great. One thing I really enjoy about my job is that I can wear jeans everyday. Now if I could just get a job where I get to have beer meetings!

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I'm not much schooled in what a Bo Diddley beat is, but I hear a bit of "willie and the hand jibe" here (eric clapton) here; but it takes its own course in the theme, which is soooo Week#7! A good take on that challenge. And having been recently relieved of some full-time duties, I am pondering what work/life-balance I might be looking for next, and this slides right down that chute for me! I think about the life you and your wife have crafted, and it's an inspiration to my own ponderings.

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Good catchy song. If I wrote a similar song it would be thermals and fleece sad to sy. Well done.

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I like the pace very much here... Very singable and catchy. Such a lovely serene, relaxing song with awesome banjo sounds... feels like the summer, in deed...

katpiercemusic's picture

Oh man, so much fun musically speaking. I agree with @igg ... there's Didley and Buffet in this song! Got me thinking about one chord songs and how they force you to be interesting in other ways. Maybe I should try it!