Om Namah Shivayah (Minor/Major)

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Om Namah Shivayah (Minor/Major)



Liner Notes: 

I recorded this at a yoga class I taught - my musical take on a Hindu/Sanskrit invocation.
Often, what I do when I play for my classes is to begin with yoga-related music and segue into something else. In this case, I sang the chant to a minor key to begin the class, and took it into "I Shall Be Released" by Bob Dylan. Then to close class, I sang the chant to a major key, into "Get Together" by the Youngbloods. On the fadeouts, I left in a bit of those other songs.



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Pretty cool! Very relaxing. I could totally be put in the mindset of yoga with this music!

While hearing this in person with the described outro is better than on my tiny speakers, still a relaxing meditative track