My Compass In The Sky

My Compass In The Sky




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This is a song in the Morph#1 chain. This is the morph chain to date
Morph 1
1 - @helen
2 - @Vom Vorton -
3 - @tootoobee
4 - @tcelliott -
5 - @izaak -

I changed some of the words, the same chords (rearranged), tempo and melody. Recorded on a ukelele in free time. I call it 50%. The details probably don't matter in the long run LOL. I did combine the morph into the Music of The Spheres challenge. My assignment was Polaris, the proverbial North Star, actually it is three stars that look like one from our perspective here on earth. It loosely fits with my concept album as a point of departure. @Powerstars is up next in the morph1 chain.


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My Compass In The Sky
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My Compass In The Sky
My Compass In The Sky
My Compass In The Sky
My Compass In The Sky

Verse 1
Staring into the washed out glow
As cold wind moves time
Shadows part as I catch a glimpse
Distant stars shine on our sound

Bridge 1
As I see the little dipper in the stars
End of the handle
Tracking north for the journey I must begin

Verse 2
Sidewalk ends into the grass
Getting lost to be found
Off the road to a hidden path
No moon shine after sundown

Bridge 2
Religion fails me
Alcohol and TV numb me
I’ll Try philosophy
A little zen, A little stoic A little Tao
Or creativity where
Life dwells in possibility
Different stars shine for me
Polaris is Sky
My Compass In The Sky

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Susan Cantey's picture

I like that you posted the'd you make them green? As I listen I can see the night sky and feel the cold air. Good job capturing the mood.

Powerstars's picture

Good work here, nice chord progression, and a cool trippy vibe resulting from the imagery combined with the speak-singing delivery. Good work!

tcelliott's picture

That's a great direction in the lyric. I like keeping it in the sky. It's a good progression for the morph.

Ferry Colyer's picture

Second listen. Big theme executed in a very likable way, I love the direction you take when you start singing 'Religion fails me...'.

izaak's picture

Thanks for including me as a collaborator, Andy, though you really didn't have to. The themes of celestial navigation, internal and external, fit well and make a successful lyric. We both got a lot of mileage out of @tcelliott's chord progression on the morph challenge!