Squeaky Nancy

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Squeaky Nancy


Liner Notes: 

I think this title might have come from a dream? Otherwise, I can't imagine why it was in my notebook.


Nancy is the sweetest girl you’d ever want to know
We’ve been friends for many years
But you may notice people tend to talk to her
With their hands covering their ears

Cause if they ever have a choice
They don’t want to hear her voice
There’s a reason why they call her
Squeaky Nancy

Nancy sounds like a balloon getting its air squeezed out
It’s the strangest sound I’ve ever heard
All around the neighborhood dogs begin to bark
Maybe they think it’s an exotic bird


Nancy has a way of striking people’s tender ears
You know I love her just the same
And when she opens her mouth everyone disappears except me
It’s a doggone shame

So you should seek her out, she’s a delight to know
But you may wonder what comes next
There’s so many ways you can enjoy her company
Such as email, tweets and text

Cause if you ever have a choice
You won’t want to hear her voice
There’s a reason why they call her
Squeaky Nancy
Squeaky Nancy
Squeaky Nancy

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I've known people like Nancy! I worked with a gal that I hated to hear. This is a nice tune and interesting idea for a song. I like!

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Great fun. Poor Nancy! Really good lyrics, and I love the catchy chorus melody.

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Enjoyed listened to this riding in the car earlier. Two things stood out to me purely from a listening standpoint: first, I love the way you are ending your song phrases with additional flourishes of melodic interest, and have the voice control to do it; and second, the drum track is a great fit! I like the leisurely temp and just slightly funky chords. I think the entertainer in you is having a good time with this one, sounds very confident. The set up for delivery of the hook couldn't be much more dramatic, and those two words together are funny-sounding, if pitiable. But you love her anyway, so I feel better about that. The rhyme of 'text' with 'next' was nicely suspenseful, even after I'd already heard it once. (Maybe I'm getting slow-witted...)
P.S. Wittingly or unwittingly, you've just met the Week1 (Adjective) and Week2 (Name) challenges in one fell swoop.

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This is hilarious. There's at least one gem waiting in every single verse, like a little depth charge of joy. I'm sitting here grinning. And the flangery guitar suits the tone of the piece perfectly. Sounds like the sort of thing the Beatles would come up with when they were goofing off while George Martin tinkered with the 4-track.

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This is funny! As ever the melody is catchy and the way it goes into the bridge is very smooth. Love it.

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In fact, I know such a person, too, but until now I have never listened to a song dedicated to a "squeaky" person... Smile Creative song-idea and very nicely brought to life. The melody is awesome and easily memorable and the chorus is superb! Beautifully done!