A Saint I Ain't

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A Saint I Ain't



Liner Notes: 

Piano was my first instrument. When I use it these days, more often than not a soul and/or gospel song gets created.


I am a teacher, a little knowledge I can give
But I try not to tell anyone how to live
Any wisdom I got is from being dumb before
A saint I ain’t that’s for sure

I am a troubadour, I sing what’s on my mind
You can pay me in good food and wine
The road might take me to your town soon
A saint I ain’t, but I sing a peaceful tune

A saint I ain’t, but I try to be upright
I try to gently guide others toward the light
I can stir up trouble, sometimes it can be fun
But sinner is too strong a word for the mischief I have done

I am a gardener, I am a poet
Give me a seed or a word and I can grow it
Share my humble harvest, read my scribbled page
A saint I ain’t, nor a prophet nor a sage

A saint I ain’t, I could never be
Jesus Christ or Joan of Arc or Buddha ‘neath the tree
I try to guide others toward some kind of light
A saint I ain’t but I say my prayers at night

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What a great song! I love the saint I ain't. Great lines and delivery of vocals and simple music. I love it!

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Fantastic feel to this gospel song with the piano and melody, love the character development and the honesty and insight in the story and message, great use on analogies too! Well crafted!

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Yeah, I like that !!
Love the title
A lot more people would do well to follow that kind of policy
Well done

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This is a great gospel piano tune, Chip! I really enjoy the lyric. When I lived in Reno, I was a saint among the sinners. Now that I live in rural Utah, I'm a sinner among the saints. Funny thing is how I really didn't change my lifestyle much at all. I really resonate with your philosophy here, and love the way you put it in song. Genuine!