The International Klaus-o-vision Song Contest 2016 Part One

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The International Klaus-o-vision Song Contest 2016 Part One

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Liner Notes: 

You may not know this but I'm actually a full time presenter hosting lots of different Finnish TV and radio programs. The International Klaus-o-vision Song Contest is one of the most popular shows I host every year. I thought it might be a good idea to share this year's show with you so you could hear what I do for living.

The actual worldwide TV broadcast lasts over two hours, but here is a seven-minute edited version for your pleasure. It includes two suprise celebrity guest and ten songs!

I thank :
- @Stephen Wordsmith for lyrics to "Said Father to Kate"
- @cindyrella for lyrics to "You Are My Seasons"
- @McTown for lyrics to "That Woman of Mine"
- @Chandra83 for lyrics to "Still"
- @akashic for lyrics to "Shut the Door"


No transcription of this show is available at this time, sorry.

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cindyrella's picture

Brilliant, funny, versatile! What a wonderful idea and a multi-national treasure! Smile

Valerie Cox's picture

Super creative! I love the concept. This is really well put together, and really funny! Biggrin Love the canned applause and effects. Excellent craziness.

Mt.Mélodie's picture

Very funny and playful, great concept. Liked the little theme song. I'll be waiting expectedly for part II.

mike skliar's picture

ha, this is hilarious, a crazy radio show that doesn't quit! what a creative idea!

This reminds me of the Beatles' Christmas Fan Club records. Fun stuff, Klaus. I want to collab with you so I can make it into part 2! LOL

Chip Withrow's picture

Wow! So much fun, so well put together, and so hilarious! You crammed so much great stuff into this - sounds like a true labor of love. Wonderful!

Pam Grisham's picture

And the winner is (drums, please) Klaus!!! You are brilliant.

Vom Vorton's picture

Very funny! I love the canned applause. Really great idea, and you pull it off exceptionally well!

Stephen Wordsmith's picture

'But Klaus', said Wordsmith, said Wordsmith, said he, 'Both in concept and execution, this brilliant be'

philmcmill's picture

This is great! Very fun! What a great way to honor your collaborators and previous songs. Nice Sean Connery! Can't wait for subsequent parts.

bigmart's picture

Marvellous entertainment. I was wishing I'd thought of your idea, but then realised I don't 'sing' songs.
Congratulations on coming first.
I was a little confused why you kept saying 'lurex' in your presentation. Biggrin

Powerstars's picture

This is a wonderful idea and the execution is wonderfully corny. I cracked a ridiculous grin when you pronounced '2016' wrong. I liked Sean Connery and especially Donald Trump and your "beatless" humor especially. Also the harmonies on your little jingles. In addition to being hilarious, it also made me wanna check out the songs of hours that I haven't yet, so good work there! Also good luck on winning!

Ferry Colyer's picture

Third visit. I'm also in for some good and clever fun, which definitely applies to this. I dig your pronunciation and tune. Enjoyable with a capital E.

writeandwrong's picture

Klaus, you are a pure genius! Love your sense of humor and this showcases a lot of great talent here at 50/90 as well as how versatile you are as a musician! Smile Smile Smile

Rob From Amersfoort's picture

Very original and funny, I love your bad English and your Sean Connery and the catchy jingle. Congratulations! I wish all eurovision song contests were like this...

Technicolor Gramophone's picture

So very creative ... love the laughter and bad accent and Sean Connery and bad cutaways and the overall zaniness of the whole piece. Plus, it's a nice overview of your 2016 50/90. Probably the most ambitious piece of this year!

ductapeguy's picture

I can't wait for part 2. My favorite song was number 9, number 9 number 9...