Breaking the Spell

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Breaking the Spell



Liner Notes: 

SPOILER ALERT: This song is part of the #Morph1 chain, so don’t listen unless you aren’t playing, have already finished your morph, or are the next in line.

It's a morph of @tcelliott’s *18397

See the details of the #Morph challenge here:

I mostly retained the words and chords, but I morphed the electric blues-rock of TC’s song into a 5/4 meter unplugged blues… swinging eights rather than straight ahead.

intro/bridges: em bm, em bm, C B7, em B7

Verse: em bm C D, em Bm C B7

Chorus: am D G bm, C D Asus4/A


Staring into the starless night
As the cold wind moves the clouds
Shadows part as I catch a glimpse
As Lepus jumps over our house

I see a rabbit in the stars
At the foot of a man
Waiting for the final strike to come

So he runs across the sky
He flees across the world
To dodge as the arrow flies
To swerve as the bolt is hurled

I see a rabbit in the stars
At the foot of a man
Waiting for the final strike to come

He leaps through clouds
He clears the moon
Hoping that morning arrives soon

Breaking the spell
Breaking the spell
Breaking the spell

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Smart morphing! I can tell this has the same bones as [tcelliott]'s song, but that acoustic blues vibe gives this a really different feel, and the time signature shift give it that @izaak charm.

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What a gorgeous take on the morph. Man, I wanna play mine like this cuz it sounds so much better. You done good, kid.

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This is really well done. I love listening to your guitar playing, and I love your use of 5/4 time. When it doesn't scream 5/4 TIME!!!!! you know you're doing it right.

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Awesomely bluesy vibe, and I'm digging the falsetto. Really cool nighttime sort of vibe here, I can see this being played in a dimly lit club at an open mic. Good work. Also nice riffing at the end. :P