Gonna Take a Nap

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Gonna Take a Nap



Liner Notes: 

After I recorded this, I realized the volume was too low but decided to post anyway. It's my first song singing entirely in falsetto, and the low volume might make it easier on the ears.
The challenge for the Facebook skirmish group this week is "victory," and I thought about how occasionally discovering I have time to myself for a nap is a big win.


Feel like I won the lottery
I got my afternoon free
So for my victory lap
Oh yeah, gonna take a nap

Ain't had a day like this since I don't know
So to the sofa with a book I'll go
I'm a winner, go ahead and clap
Oh yeah, gonna take a nap

Or I could go out to the patio
In my hammock sink so low
Cover my face with my old cap
Oh yeah, gonna take a nap

Or I could go lay my head
On a pillow in my bed
In the breeze the curtains flap
Oh yeah, gonna take a nap

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Singing in falsetto can be fun, can't it? As usual, a great little pop song. Fun write.

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This is hilarious!!! Thank you for making it! It has added weeks back on to my telomeres, just to hear it once! I need a LOT more silly in my life. All I had to see was the falsetto tag, and I HAD to find out how you sounded. I had no clue I was gonna get such a humorous subject and lyric. All kinds of awesome, and hurray for your nap. {clapping}

Fun, and I'm giggling at the lyrical tour of nap locations

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I instantly fell in love with the rhythm of this. Once I heard and read the lyrics, a big smile leaked across my face. Love it! This could definitely be a victory song!

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Great song. Definitely a song designed for adults. I love napping!!! I like how you slowed it down at the end to simulate that drowsy feeling just before you crash into that pillow.