Shut the Door

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Shut the Door




Liner Notes: 

Lovely lyrics by @akashic caught my eye. I like how short the lines are and how the little extra lines gives variation to the music. And I like the sentiment too. There is too much noise in the world sometimes. Smile

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Shut the Door by akashic

I shut the door
Turned the lock
Happy in my home
all alone

Finally all alone

No patter of others' feet
No demands I need to meet
No suffering in retreat

I shut the door
Turned the lock
Happy in my quiet -
all alone

It hit me like lightning
It didn't need to be so frightening

I just shut the door
that's right
I turned the lock
oh yeah
Happy in my quiet cozy little home

all all alone

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Ooo this is so nice! I love your vocals and this combination is great! Love it.

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I think the lyric captures that coveted alone-time quite nicely! I enjoyed the guitar throughout, especially near the end there...and the swaying melody is soothing as is the vocal. Great job!

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Very nice! It kept me engaged throughout. I love the guitar too. Smile

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Lovely guitar. I like what you did with these lyrics. Very fitting for the feel. Especially like the last run through the chorus and ending picked guitar. I love this theme too. I often just want to go home and be alone.

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Great melody and lyrics! I love the way you play guitar on this song and your voice is perfect. The ending is beautiful.

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This song makes me feel so happy! Beautifully done by you, @Klaus, and the sentiment is wonderfully worded by @akashic. Third verse is given all the right 'oomph' to fit the words too, just making me grin!! I also have great respect for how you made the lyric work without altering it one tiny bit.

Mt.Mélodie's picture

Lovely guitar playing and sound, especially on the intro and outro section. Very nice lyrics too, engaging little tune.

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Considering all the turbulances rocking this world recently, this song becomes even more topical than ever... Very nice lyrics and beautifully put to music... Lovely collaboration you two!

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Adore this!! The "Hit me like lightening" melody choice came at the perfect time and grabbed my ear! Guitar is perfect. Smile

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I really identify with these lyrics, and the simple and quiet music sets an appropriate mood. P.S. Love the way you sang "Oh, yeah" and the guitar figure at the end.

Drive By Love Fest's picture

what a divine interpretation of perfect lyrics. love the guitar playing. the lightening section change up makes total sense.

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I love @akashic's words and can really identify with them. @Klaus, you have brought the words to life beautifully - a very artful and gentle touch that gives the words just the emphasis they need in the right places.

headfirstonly's picture

Simply beautiful. I can really connect with this one. I've spent the greater part of my adult life on my own, and for a long time I viewed what I had as loneliness. Then I realised that what I actually had was solitude, which is something something completely different - and really worth having.