Blood Red Sun

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Blood Red Sun



Liner Notes: 

Title comes from an old blues song - one of the many versions of "How Long Blues," I think. I was actually watching a sunrise and walking the dog as I came up with the first verse.


Sinking low sinking fast
Aren't you the iconoclast?
Blood red sun are you a sign?
Looking like my burgundy wine

Sinking low to the sea
Bells ring at St Timothy
Blood red sun real or myth
Depends on whom you're dealing with

Sinking low in the west
Map to a treasure chest
Blood red sun do you portend
Blood red sun - omen or friend?

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cindyrella's picture

Great song! I am a nut for a banjo anyhow, but this slow and classic song is top on my list!

wyatt's picture

Love the banjo pickin'
Like Cindy I like the slow pickin'

kahlo2013's picture

I love listening to your music. This one has such great images that I can picture. The banjo is so gentle and lovely in this tune. Well done!

katpiercemusic's picture

So much fun! So laid back and I love banjo blues! Also, kudos for getting iconoclast in there!

johnstaples's picture

I really enjoyed this back-porch, pickin' and singin' tune! Nice soulful vocals and sweet banjo! My wife just popped in and said it reminds her of Angel From Montgomery by John Prine (high praise indeed!!) I really like those lyrics and love, Love, LOVE that "Blood Red Sun" title/hook! Thanks for the banjo fun Chip!

Helen's picture

Nice laid back vibe and, yeah, blood red sun is a great image and I like how you used it, but the thing that really gets me is those little banjo runs between the lines. Great stuff.