Thought and Mind

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Thought and Mind



Liner Notes: 

An article I read about animal intelligence mentioned the Norse god Odin and his ravens Thought and Mind. Here's my story of how they met and how Odin put the birds to work.


God of death and poetry
One good eye with which to see
Lived on a mountain where a chill wind blows
Along come two scoundrel crows

Birds were tired of picking through trash
And in need of some steady cash
Old man said, “I got a job for you –
I’m half blind, it’s more than I can do.”

“First,” he said, “gotta give you names
Before I send you down to play these games.”
Named one Thought and the other Mind, told ‘em
“Fly to the village, tell me what you find.”

Day after day, those birds do search
Share their news at a twilight perch
He gives ‘em gold coins, he gives ‘em jewels
Treats ‘em better than his trusty mules

If you see black birds circle up above
Be careful what you’re thinking of
God of death and poetry
Thought and Mind help him see

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This is really fascinating, and its both cinematic and poetic... nice work!
Reminds me a tiny bit of those weird parable-songs on Dylan's "John Wesley Harding' album, in fact! great job!

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I like this lots. The story really interesting and the guitar is beautiful. Not saying I'm an expert on Odinism or anything, but the correlation between that and Christianity is rather fascinating. I can't help but think of his ravens like cherub, the flying creatures that attend directly to God. Interesting.

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I like listening to this one. I've played it 3 times already, twice while I was grocery shopping tonight and once after getting home to some quiet. I just love the feel of the song: the spacious delivery of the story, with lots of time to think about it; excellent guitar accompaniment; and a new bit of myth to learn about doled out in your rich vocal. It's a feel-good piece to me, and it inspires me to read up a bit on Odin! Nice work!

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Hi Chip. Thanks for the listens and comments on Former Lovers. I enjoyed listening to this. Love your laid back guitar style and the conversational direction this song takes.

Was expecting a different song based on the title, maybe I'll write that one LOL. Then you had me at scoundrel crows Smile Cool mellow storied delivery.