Build a Pyramid

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Build a Pyramid



Liner Notes: 

There's a pose in yoga called pyramid - I taught it the other day, and after the students left I had the studio to myself. This song came to me - a five-minute write and a one-take demo.


I got a plan and I got Holy Spirit
Heard a booming voice, first I did fear it

I got stones and I got Holy Spirit
Ain’t ready for Heaven but I wanna be near it

Build a pyramid said God
Build a pyramid on this sacred spot
Build a pyramid said God
Build a pyramid – why not?

I got bricks and I got Holy Spirit
I got that call and I sure did hear it

So come with me – feel the Holy Spirit
In my pyramid – people, come get near it

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I love this style applied to this subject, and the light-hearted lyrics, such as '--why not?' Cool example of inspiration being everywhere, if you open up to it. I also got a giggle from the double meaning of 'stones' (i.e., 'cojones'), whether intentional or not; it certainly fits the Pharoahs, anyway! This is the fun of 50/90, right here.

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You know what really struck a chord with me? This line right here - Ain't ready for Heaven but I wanna be near it. I know so many that have expressed this sentiment in some way or another. Nice two-tappin' tune, Chip. I was thinking that maybe there might have been a harp moment, but guitar and vocal made it work just fine.

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The fact the pyramid is built with bodies makes stones and bricks kinda funny. The spiritual blend is cool.

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This is a toe-tapping, ear-pleasing song. The tune is so good, I kind of want you to set several sets of lyrics to it. Great job.

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That's a great, infectious little tune, Chip! As always, my ears gravitate toward the guitar - I love the percussiveness and neat little flourishes you toss in every now and then.

Only 5 minutes?? Man, I cannot do that. I'm such a slow songwriter. hehe

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What a charming song, Chip. Infectious melody and nice details. Love the music's bluesy/funky vibe.

My favourite line is:

Ain’t ready for Heaven but I wanna be near it

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It's great Chip. It's like you picked up Norman Greenbaum's Spirit in the Sky theme, and went to a whole other place with it. Well done!