Until The River Runs Dry

Until The River Runs Dry

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There’s a river I’ve been seeking
Flowing back beneath the trees
And I can drink its cool water
Let it wash away my memories

Where I can shelter in the shade
From the heat of the sun
It’s the river of forgiveness
For all the wrongs I have done

I’d tell you I don’t need you
But that would be a lie
I’ll be down here drinkin’
Until the river runs dry
Until the river runs dry

I’ve been proud and I’ve been foolish
I know that I have been unkind
Now these memories are my burden
Lying heavy on my mind


If I could only have your forgiveness
I think about it every day
But I can drink from this sweet water
Let it wash my sorrows away

[inst. verse]

[chorus X2]

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a sweet little song on being sorry, with a wonderful central conceit in the river of forgiveness. the treatment of the demo very much matches the feel of the lyrics. great demo-- simple and to the point. kudos!

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This song just feels so good! Love your vocals - the melodies are infectious. Music and lyrics are superb, also.

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Ah, the many facets of forgiveness...that which we can give ourselves and that which only the other can offer (not to mention that from one's God, if you need to involve that). I hear this person trying to wait out the indeterminate interim with a little less self-torture than he has been enduring. There comes an appropriate time for that, and the river is a great image for relieving that parched feeling. Drinking 'til it runs dry? Yes! Perfect! I really like that little uh-huh-huh-hu-uh bit in the chorus, though I also find it somewhat perplexing (picture a dog with it's head cocked to one side, ears all perky). It has just a tiny bit of swagger to it, which means...what? Catchy music and melody too.

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I know where that river is. Been there TONS.
Listen twice, once for the words, once for the music, just so I didn't miss anything.
The feel is infectious. Makes me want to hit the road. Road trip songs, I think you've invented that genre.

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Sweet Lethe, bring me thy solace. Or failing that, a couple of bottles of Pinot Noir. They'll do the trick too Smile

Great hook, great imagery, fine guitars and a nod to Greek mythology into the bargain. Mr Downburst, you're on top form, sir.

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Love that twangy acoustic lead guitar! This is a really great song, such an evocative lyric and really strong melody. Feel like I could sing along to it already.

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Now this is such an awesome upbeat sorry song, love it Rod!

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Great combination of metaphorical water with a love song. I also like the pleasant country vibe.