I Thought I found A song

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I Thought I found A song



Liner Notes: 

there's a drunk in the attic but it's not me, but since our fellow 5090er hasn't set up her account yet i am posting it here. Sue was inspired by Stephen's lyrics to break her 5090 silence with an semi-improvised response and between us we have managed to record and post this. hope it is ok to jump in like this on your lyrics Stephen

Stephen sez: More than OK, I'm flattered! I've put the lyrics up so there'll be no more confusion about falsely imprisoning presidential candidates. Big thanks to Sue and Wobbie for bringing this to life.

Update: i have added Sue... Sisters of Burtenshaw as a collaborator now... apologies for confusion of posting on my page... was just our best hope of getting it posted at the time... even though i had no audible input.


In an old trunk in the attic
I thought I found a song
Entrapped within its canvas cell
A prisoner far too long

I turned the key within the lock
So gently raised the lid
The song returned my startled gaze
And this is what it did:

It yawned, it blinked, before my eyes
It tenderly unfurled
It drifted from its confines
Set out into the world

*instrumental refrain*

Although it was from darkness
That it crept, it showed no fear
Around my mind's eye soft it swirled
Alighting on my ear

Where, in the deepest recess
Of my wrinkled matter grey
A band of former centuries
Took arms, began to play

They told a testimonial
With rhythm strong and true
A bygone world of black-and-white
Discerned through eyes of blue

*instrumental refrain*

And when the band was finished
All things ended, as they must
The air again fell silent
As the falling of the dust

My eyes then chanced to settle
On the prison whence it came
A photo of a girl appeared
A face without a name

In the old trunk in the attic
Where I thought I found a song
And a girl with eyes of sapphire
Knew alone I wasn't wrong

*instrumental until finish*

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I'm in the US, so when i heard the first line I thought I heard "Trump in the attic... " Sorry, that threw me off a bit. This is a pretty song with some nice surprising chords here and there, but smoothly delivered. Nice bridge, beautifully played guitar melody there. I had a little trouble following the lyric, if you have a chance to post them it might be cool.

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This is wonderful! Incredible vocals and I enjoyed it immensely.

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Holy smokes! What a cool style. Love it! Respectfully requesting lots more!!

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Sounds like you had great fun with. The near a Capella of the vocal combined with those awesome instrumental breaks added to the mystery in the lyric. Wonderful story.

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Oh wow, this is amazing! Love the lyric and the interpretation. Beautiful singing and playing. Absolutely love it.

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I'm not used to this sort of construction. The vocals and instrumentation are quite independent, although their common goal is clear. They work together, yet I do not get the sense that they are bound together. I really like that. Some wonderful dynamism in those vocals, too, and the guitar playing is very adroit.

I also liked the vocal improv at the end - it served better to conclude the piece than the lyric did as written; I think it was much more appropriate for the genre, and it reinforced some of the themes while giving a clear picture of the singer's feelings and thought processes.

Artfully done, and thank you very much for thinking of me!

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Absolutely charming. Smile I love the fairy-tale style lyric, written with such detail, grace, and conciseness. Compelling vocals, and very pretty guitar playing.

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Definitely different
Different is good--there's too much same ol, same ol
Love the style and the playing
A kind of" New experience" on 50/90-- that's not easy to come by
Well done all around

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Those vocals were riveting--so expressive and lends so much to the well-written lyrics.

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I love the dramatic and dynamic vocal performance and the unfussy guitar accompaniment provides the perfect backdrop for it.

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very delicate and evocative. the lyrics are great, and the returning images in the ad lib in the end really bring back the whole song and tie it together well.

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I love how the guitar instrumental refrain is vastly different than the story line told by the lyrics. I wouldn't have thought to do that. Then they come together at the end. Really lovely. You have a very unique voice!

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Yes. puts a movie in my mind, quite vivid....Great mix / playing and the voice!