I Lose Persephone

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I Lose Persephone




Winter’s hard upon us
Nothing’s green, nothing grows
Everything is motionless but the crows
But I remember summer
I wonder and I yearn
When she left me, she promised to return

I lose Persephone
But she always comes back to me
Every year a plane comes down and takes her away
I say I adore her
I’ll be waiting here for her
But no matter what I do I can’t make her stay

Six long weary months
Dark and cold and gray
I count the days since she went away
My feet are wet, my hands are cold
And my heart is sore
I just can’t take the winters anymore


Her friends say, where the hell you been?
We’ve been looking everywhere for ya
She says well, it’s not exactly hell
It’s just Florida

I’ve been noticing
A brightness in the sky
I haven’t seen since she said goodbye
And I can feel a softening
In the winter ground
I’ll be ready when she touches down

[chorus x2]
But I know she’ll be back soon, hope it’s today

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That was delicious! Just closed my eyes and got into full inner-slow-dance mode and enjoyed every bit of it. Warm expressive vocals perfectly paired with those beautifully weighted chords in 6/8. The first two lines of the chorus, I must say, are an ideal and smart match for both themes of love or the seasons, and the slightly increased buildup of syllables there is very effective. And then they way "adore her / for her" comes out makes another great payoff for the chorus coming around again. Glad you took the solo(s) for a full two rounds; that gave this a welcome extended journey. Absolutely loved it!

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I liked that instantly! Very well recorded and warm sounding waltzing blues, good voice. This song could last forever!

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Really enjoyed this one....Great production, vocals and lyrics....Well done!

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I've been listening to this a lot since I first commented (even at almost 6 minutes long). I think this may be your finest vocal performance ever! And it's certainly the most addictive song you've posted. It even builds interest after the instrumental break. So well done!

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Beautiful. So many good things to enjoy in the production here; that delayed reverb on the rhythm guitar chords that really opens up the sound at the end of each verse; the slow, lazy groove of the drums; and your vocals - yeah, definitely one of your finest, this.

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Interesting puzzling lyrics (how many Persephones are there in Florida) and indeed great vocal, both soundwise and how you hit the right notes every time.

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This is delightful. I am reminded, here in January, of the numerous folks I know with some level of S.A.D.