A beautiful Mistake

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A beautiful Mistake




Liner Notes: 

This is a rather sudden creation. It sprang from a line Tom had in Finiku.--A beautiful Mistake--Thanks Tom
I brought it into rough meter at least.
It is what it is. I didn't change it much from what Musey laid on me
Sometimes a person just falls into something--Well, I've heard that anyway Smile

PS--Barbaly thought I oughta get my butt in gear and start that damn van so
i changed a couple lines. I think it's better anyway. Thanks Barbaly

23/10. Our demo is updated. Thank you Wy for your beautiful lyric and Mike for your beautiful vocals!

One of my more interesting (and enjoyable) collabs. Thank you Wy for your story, and Nadia for the beautiful keyboard work!


A Beautiful Mistake
©2016 by Wyman Griffith (lyrics) and Nadia Cripps (music, demo).
Michael Karns (vocals), Nadia Cripps (keyboard).

Went out on a call
To start a van
Got the wrong house
Dummy that I am

She said you're wrong
My car is just fine
But I've got coffee
If you've got time

Well, I was early
And she's somethin' else
I've got plenty of time
So I told myself

Then way too soon
Got a sudden phone call
Damn cell phone
Shoulda' turned it off

It was the boss
Where the hell was I at
Customer called
And man she's mad

So I got right on it
Though I was late
But before I left
We''d made a date

Been together now
Two years in May
And I still call her
My beautiful mistake

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Crafty Musey...she dreamed up a good story to fit the hook! I like the way that fits together. However, I'd have a little more sympathy for the guy if he'd not dallied quite so long before leaving with plans for a date. Cuz when you need your van started, there's no such thing as early. Plug that up and you have a tight and cute romantic tale. Go, Wy!!!

ETA: I like the revision a lot.

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Well this song sure isn't a mistake! I like it -isn't Musey great sometimes?

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I just saw the revised, not the original. It's a fun story. You delay the payoff just long enough. You didn't telegraph the ending. The near rhymes work well. They feel natural, not forced, and they speed the song along, too. Good job!

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very effective image. the story goes by so naturally, and the ending is just great. good storytelling, in a straightforward and simple fashion.

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Love the story Wy, made me smile. Very relatable. I think I might have music for it although I'm back at my usual style with it, don't know if this was what you had in mind though. Please let me know if you are happy to collaborate or perhaps you already had an offer, never mind if not, just thought I'd ask.
Thank you.

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Cute story! Love interrupting work...I'd say he made the right choice!

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This reminded me of a Carry On film or a Bernard Cribbins song, though I realise that might mean nothing to you.
A gentler, less aggressive, slightly bawdy style of humour that was the norm in the 1960s over here in Britain.
I may steal the title to address my wife!

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It's a nice lyric, good story unfolding. Possibly, a language difference, but for me,
"dummy that I am", using syllabic beat, could be more contextual to the story unfolding as, "for tu nate I am" (fortunate).

-- You post for more comment, post 5090; with so much praise, I thought you may want more granular since don't specify. I'd like to hear it in acoustic piano, real mic'd piano. To me the techno midi modulation, again, may not frame the story context.

I realise we are not supposed to consider the demo, I am not, just the timbre of the keys, is all.

Again, nice work otherwise, good for you! All the best to you.