Getting To Know This Stranger

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Getting To Know This Stranger


Liner Notes: 

Hey lookit! New song.


There’s something unmistakable
In the way you shift your weight
From foot to foot, from hip to hip, from love to fear to hate.
The time you spend just looking
Like a lonesome bird of prey
Waiting silent for a chance to carry us all away

Someone no one knows about
An unsuspected mark
Getting to know this stranger
Is a long walk in the dark

Got no destination
But at least you’ll be on time
You’ll be suspect number one if it seems like the perfect crime
Everyone knows this about you
But nevertheless you stay
Who is this person who thinks she knows what she is about to say?

People lock their doors at night
Dogs too scared to bark
Getting to know this stranger
Is a long walk in the dark

You’re an endless surprise
To yourself if no one else
Who hides and creeps and cries and wants and waits and takes and tells
Everyone all her secrets
Like some disappointed child
Gone hard and bright and loud and wide and weak and weird and wild

It’s the deepest coldest ocean
With a solitary shark
Getting to know this stranger
Is a long walk in the dark

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Hey lookit - a comment! Bravo work on this one, my man. The rhythm is killin'. Deftly written, too - and the delivery of the last line of verse three...? Money. This is pants kickin' work, brochacho. Seriously.

Keep doing what you love! Music 2

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Well she sounds fabulous. I like the vibe in this track. The clean guitar makes for some really good rock, which is usually not what I say, cause I love me distortion. But I like this jangly sound a lot.

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+1 on everything @cts said! Masterful.
Lyrics are fascinating. I love the ways you pin down both her character and the visceral response to her silence and seeming precision. Those toggling fifth intervals in the verses give it such drive and your delivery is great! Beautifully constructed hook. This is superb writing!

ETA: The use of second person voice for the verses was powerful. Had me self-examining. And also the directness fits the overall intensity.

Lots of nooks and crannies on this jangly street.