The Man Who Won't Water His Lawn

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The Man Who Won't Water His Lawn



Liner Notes: 

I was in Ohio without an instrument for 9 days, but I did write these words after a run through my old neighborhood.
My dad always waters his lawn - I never did when I lived in Ohio.


Summertime drought - mark your calendar every year
Can't stand the heat, can't survive around here
Waiting for rain - he's a patient fellow
Sits on his porch, watches his backyard turn yellow

And his neighbors tell him, Pal
You should turn your hose on
He's the man who won't water his lawn

Summertime heat, Midwest humidity
Pale blue horizon far as the eye cares to see
Listens to ball games, follows the pennant race
While his neighbors keep the flowers in bloom on Running Deer Place

In a box of vibrant colors
His lot is the brown crayon
He's the man who won't water his lawn

Kids run through sprinklers, what a fine summertime scene
Laughing and shouting and running through fields of green
He loves children, got grandkids who he adores
But he hates to waste such a precious resource

But his own kids have all grown and gone
He's the man who won't water his lawn

Just a hint of a breeze, summertime evening has come
Fireflies flicker, crickets chirp, cicadas hum
Distant lightning but only because of the heat
He feels the dry grass crunch underneath his bare feet

Still he knows someday he will be rained upon
And he remains the man who won't water his lawn

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What a great song! When I first saw the title I wasn't sure what to expect. So many great lines-I love the fireflies, crickets part. Good song!

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Ha! I won't water my lawn either. In Texas, I feel like water is too scarce to waste on the grass. I let nature do what it will for the grass, but my big tree in the front keeps my lawn just as green as the lawn watering neighbor who doesn't have a tree in site. Anyway, I love the images in this, with the cicadas, and crickets, etc. Very soothing guitar and melody. Really enjoyed this!

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nicely done! Living in manhattan, i don't have to worry about lawns, etc, but if i was a lawn-owner, I might be the guy who didn't water either, who knows! this is a wonderfully descriptive and charming song and i love some of the phrases ('brown crayon")

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strong images. this couplet suggests that the song isn't just about the surface story:

But his own kids have all grown and gone
He's the man who won't water his lawn

the key change brings a new focus to the last part of the song. i loved the word "crunch" as a verb-- very evocative.