Open Road

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Open Road



Liner Notes: 

Responses to both the transportation challenge and the songstory challenge. I'm still just posting song demos, but this is one I might come back and revise so please feel free to be critical, I can take it. Smile


In the inland northwest
We couldn’t care less
When I was a kid
Burn a tank or two of gas
Drive over the pass
For a dollar and ten
We would all sing along
As if we belonged
Family and friends
Racking up the miles
Cruising with style
Down freeways never-ending
We heard Randy singing
Take it to the Limit
Take it to the Limit
We heard Randy singing
Take it to the Limit
I knew then all there was to know
All I really wanted was an open road

I had a dream in the night
That my wife woke me to tell me
That Glenn was dead
Now I’m so weary of the work
So weary the world
But I can’t go back to bed
I’m still staying up
Digging in the dust
For what hasn’t been said
Rummaging around
Through these nostalgic sounds
Still stuck in my head
We heard Randy singing
Take it to the Limit
Take it to the Limit
We heard Randy singing
Take it to the Limit
I knew then all there was to know
All I ever needed was an open road

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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Wow, this is amazing! So sweet and touching. The chorus us so lovely (both guitar and melody). I love how you keep the long note on "road". Gives me goosebumps. Guitar sounds awesome! I love this!

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The words come tumbling out like stream of consciousness, yet there's such precision and deliberateness to the guitar. Lovely vocal with some Randy Meisner-like plaintive feel to it. Quietly, starkly powerful and evocative song you have here.
"Take It to the Limit" is probably my favorite Eagles song.

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Interesting road song! I liked the lyrics and the melody. You did pretty good for one take! I guess the only thing I would do is shorten the intro. I feel like the intro goes on for too long. Actually, I was kind of getting impatient for the vocals to start after :20!

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Great use of transition to "radio tune" reference, well done. Ok, so you want real input, -- the word "heard" as an emphasis word worked first pass thru. Next go round, sustaining on it, that "close" in song time, made it *real important, as I heard it... You want that? Randy down/back beat hits, it/limit, you could too, as direct referenced, fair use, --arguably.

Anyway, you as, so formally trained in music must know what I mean... I example the line "I love you", sounds different if hit, - I, or - Love, or - You. If sing I, it's all about you Smile Anyway, great work nonetheless.

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Very pretty strumming pattern. I kind of missed the tune of "Take It To the Limit" as you mimicked the rhythm and repeated those lines in the song. I liked the story.

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Lovely guitar! Enjoyed the vocal delivery to, but 'wow' on the guitar. I enjoyed my listen.

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Beautiful song, moving, poignant with lovely vocals and guitar. Thank you for enjoyable listen. Amazing you could do it in one take.